A început ploaia (2017)

A început ploaia (It started raining) is the first feature documentary about forced evictions in Bucharest, Romania. The film portraits the story of the Vulturilor 50 community (100 individuals), who dwelt on the street from September 2014 to June 2016 in order to protest against the forced eviction from their home and to fight for their right to social housing. The vicissitudes of this community are interpolated with a number of interviews with activists, scholars and politicians, composing a picture that speaks of racial discrimination, homelessness, evictions, but also of grassroots practices of resistance and social change. The film is freely available here.

You can watch the trailer using the player below.

Watch the entire film and read more info at www.ainceputploaia.com Join the conversation .


Future projects

We are currently working on a second feature documentary, this time about asylum seekers in Milan. We are looking into the so called ‘hub’, a space of sanctuary not far from the Stazione Centrale, where every night more than 600 people sleep and await for their uncertain future to unfold. We aim to have the document ready by the very end of 2017.